How did you feel when you were most connected with nature? Just as a pebble is tiny, we want you to find peace in small things. Indeed, an opportunity to reflect like this can potentially lead to new goals.

Although self-love is vital, generosity can rebuild lives. We focus our efforts to promote mental well-being. Paint My Rock proudly supports those navigating through life with depression. The effect of giving is immediate. When you give, you create a ripple effect. It inspires others to do the same.

We give 10% of profits to the charity to support the mental health community.

Meet the founder

Laksameekan Pearly Ingkakul

Pearly is currently the Founder of Ingkham Co., Ltd. Her visionary perspective had earned her the opportunities to work with the UN Global Compact Local Network Thailand, The Ministry of Social Development & Human Security, and Children & Youth Council of Bangkok.

Also, she was the Chief Executive Officer of Miracle Group and the Asia Director of One Young World. Through those experiences, she realized that people tend to overlook mental illness when it comes to social issues.

The problem is more common than we think, as about one in every five of Thais suffers from some form of mental illness. Yet not everyone has access to take care of their holistic health. With that being said, Paint My Rock is just a starting project of the Ingkham group and it is the first effort of many to come. Pearly and her passionate team at PMR share the same values and will continue the effort to support people to realize their full potential in life.